i'm teresa whaddup


guess who has her laptop back :)

currently watching: house md season 6, dr who season 6, tbbt season 2

song of the week is 'roger rabbit' by sleeping with sirens

im in way too many fandoms i cry


like after some time tumblr gets rlly boring and i started not going on tumblr for like weeks bc im just too lazy and its just an obligation and theres pressure and i just
the only reason i went on tumblr now was the lovely people i met here but like i can still talk to everyone on twitter/kik/facebook so¿
and its not like anyone likes my blog so i just dont see the point
also i always went to bed at 5am bc tumblr and i missed meals and started to pass out almost everyday it just wasnt healthy :( yeah this was kinda the main reason
also i get so obsessed and its all i think about and im not good at hmtl or edits so it just isnt fun and schools starting soon so yeah

i might come back in like a year or something idk

ill message you if youre a friend and i dont have a twitter or kik or something bc i really wanna keep in touch with everyone!!

im so sorry this is so last minute but i didnt want to change my mind :(

ily all please dont hurt yourselves xx

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ooOooooOoo good luck guys we’re picking :)

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